Solid Bronze. / Steel base
30cm x 8cm Ø / 70cm with base
Worldwide Shipping cost (Aprox): $60 US

After a quiet period of time distracted with many things (Work, trips and visiting home in Spain), I am now ready to start this year 2017 presenting some new work. This time will be a piece in solid bronze that I hope you find it exciting as I do. For this, I am exploring shapes and not Oxidised surface results.

The strength and the visual power of this piece reside on the distorted effect, capturing the attention in the first glance. To look at it is almost to play a trick on your eyes and mind. But because it is real, an authentic material was required to complete this experience.

For some reason, this idea appeared very intriguing and magnetic in my head ever since I started thinking about it. I am not the first one doing distorted sculptures, but every time I see this effect in a three-dimensional object, I can´t stop staring at it. A strange attraction pushes me to look at it, like a teenager discovering boobs for the first time in his life. So I decided to go for it and experiment giving it my twist.

From this interest in shapes, I named it “Eidos”. This is a Greek root term when referring to the shape of an element, say mastoid ( the processes of the skull behind the ears) meaning mastos = breast or teat + eidos = shape or Ovoid, Ovo = egg + Eidos or asteroid, helicoid, anthropoid…


110cm x 30cm Ø
Weight (Aprox.): 22-28 Kg
Price: $3,550 US
Wordwide Shipping cost (Aprox): $600 US

I am considering a sculpture as I can´t avoid the image of this concept on a large scale, it will look amazing in an open space or a big room.

In this case, I picture it as a pop culture version, making a  fiberglass CMYK coated finish product, 110cm/43inch size. I love powerful colors. A clean polished surface, hand crafted but almost like factory produced. Completely artificial, the opposite of the skulls own nature, this makes an iconic image of it, just beautiful. The sculpture will be hanging from the wall attached to a solid system.

So these are all the updates for the moment. I´ll get back to you with more work at some point. If you are interested and would like to place an order or have any questions, please send me an email to Studio@javiermurcia.com. Also if you don´t want to receive more emails, just let me know and I will unsubscribe you from the contact list.


Thank you for your time and support!!


Javier M.


PS: In case you are interested in Oxidations collections, I am getting more work ready that I am expecting to deliver very soon before this year hits the end. So if you follow me on social media like Facebook or Instagram, you can follow the progress, as I will be posting updates very soon. Find me in the links in the footer of this website. Otherwise, you should get more news via email at some point.